Flores/Zapata Elementary Administrators

Victoria Martínez
Victoria Martínez
 Principal's Message
Welcome students, parents, staff, and community members to Flores/Zapata Elementary.  We welcome you to please visit us and/or call us at anytime in order to share our school goals with you. 
Some of these goals include:
Academic Success for all students.
Reinforcing the belief that all students can learn.
Linking ongoing and accurate assessment to instruction.
Differentiating instruction to meet the needs and abilities of all students.
Providing opportunities for students to learn in the most inclusive setting.
Providing a safe, respectful, nurturing and positive environment for students to learn, excel, and be ready for college and career readiness.
Developing strong and lasting partnerships with students, parents and the school community.
 Angelica Rodriguez Photo
Angelica Rodriguez
Curriculum Assistant
 Image of Rafaela Carr, Counselor
Rafaela Carr